Activity Histories

Design Lab

We are a research group spanning the Design Lab at UC San Diego and the Tabard Lab at Université Lyon 1. We develop tools to help people track, resume, reflect on, and share their everyday work. As our working lives become increasingly fragmented and collaborative, we believe it important to develop technologies that help people track and share the process of their work with their colleagues, and their future selves.


Jim Hollan

Aurélien Tabard

Adam Rule

Past Members

Amy Fox
Karen Boyd
Rizwan Ahmad
Jonas Kemper
Azeem Ghumman
Kendall Youngstrom
Maxime Guillaux
Audréa Malialin


Rule A, Tabard A, and Hollan J. (2017) Using Visual Histories to Reconstruct the Mental Context of Suspended Activities. Human Computer Interaction.

Rule A, Tabard A, Boyd K and Hollan J. (2015) Restoring the Context of Interrupted Work with Desktop Thumbnails. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.